Our experience of working within commercial volume factories as well as fast response small manufacturing units, provides a practical & pragmatic approach to the selection of the appropriate, reliable, socially responsible & cost effective manufacturing for a wide range of brands & products.

We understand & support accreditation & international expectations along with the changing market demands for transparency, zero waste & honesty in manufacturing. We offer focused sourcing support, advice & guidance to supply chain management teams based on our own hands on experience in recent years & right now.

COUTTS Consultancy are able to offer focused advice & guidance to supply chain management teams or an interim management solution, as well as delivering cost effective supplier evaluation & sourcing services.

Process advice

Our experience in working with large businesses in process management & profit focus informs our work with SME’s, but we make it simple.

We advise on process improvement & operating systems for the product cycle from design & materials to finished product through omni channel marketing & sales. We offer process review & change advice & management consultancy.

  • Process review
  • Process mapping
  • Transparency for customers
  • Building supply chain agility | risk & contingency control
  • Process implementation & training
  • Embedding new process with teams


We offer support in the preparation of technical data for production planning | review | accreditation checks | production ready technical specifications | setting up transparency via key KPI reporting & SLA agreements to deliver increased gross profit & save time.

Brands need increased agility in the supply chain to thrive in current crowded markets, particularly as online selling escalates further, we partner with our customers to deliver this.

Factory research & appraisal

We know factories. We evaluate suppliers against key criteria & work to improve service levels & output.

We support customers to find the right factories | plan development  | reduce & remove waste & error | deliver increased efficiency & reduce costs.

  • Supply chain logistics planning
  • Supplier search
  • Supplier appraisal
  • Supplier KPI agreement
  • Technical advice for factory ready specifications
  • Price | delivery & terms negotiation

Get in touch…

Contact us with some detail about your production or sourcing needs. We are happy to offer a 30 minute free of charge video call to discuss new projects, but first we need some information from you,  so that we can be sure we can help.  We love to help entrepreneurs & SME’s & give tips for success! Please include on your e mail:  Your company name | Product type | Years trading | Selling price range | Details of the project you have in mind | Your e mail address | Your website URL & Your anticipated time scale for the project. If you do not yet have a website please send us pictures of your product.