COUTTS Consultancy provides expertise, design, marketing and business growth advisory services to textiles, fashion, corporate clothing, uniform and publishing businesses.

We work with a team of carefully selected professionals each with specialist knowledge, ensuring our fees are competitive and our service is trustworthy, flexible and focused. The COUTTS Consultancy team has a background of working over many years in global design agencies, retail, B2C, B2B, international fashion and corporate clothing businesses; we have provided strategic direction and planning, design and range structure, commercial and profit management, multi-channel marketing, promotional services and board membership within both the public and private sectors.

How we work

  • Flexible – COUTTS Consultancy offers a variety of services, on a one off, interim, or regular contract basis, we also undertake projects to assist and guide full time teams, as appropriate.
  • Strategic – We offer a bespoke approach to each job, bringing focused and cost efficient expertise. We work to develop strategic goals and engage teams in delivery, or we can work to deliver part of your goals depending what you need help with. This may vary from sourcing and supply chain management to strategic planning and leadership.
  • Target Driven – The team at COUTTS Consultancy create target driven strategies for business growth with tangible results, KPI and ROI measurement.
  • Practical – COUTTS Consultancy provides leadership and management training along with practical guidance for team development and retention. We work to align strategic KPI’s with teams giving focus to day to day operations.