Brand positioning

USP | authenticity | making business a power for good | business purpose & focus | the 4p’s: Purpose | People | Planet | Profit are all vital for successful brand positioning in a crowded market as consumers become more aware of their impact globally & more emotionally driven to be loyal to brands they love & trust.

From AI | VR | Haptology (tactile technological developments) to the fast changing post virus retail & shopping economy | anticipatory logistics development & the transition from e commerce to c commerce (conversational commerce) & the harnessing of brand story tellers & followers, the team at COUTTS consultancy researches & advises on macro market shifts supporting customers with the right marketing strategy to reach & convert target audiences.

USP | Purpose & brand love

We build strong partnerships, by listening & supporting the development of clear USP & connected business goals, working with teams to establish unique & bespoke strategic plans to embed & deliver on key areas.

We support you to be clear on what your target customers will love & what they need to engage that love. We help SME’s to clarify engagement strategy for delivery of authentic brand love & loyalty, with simple straightforward plans.

  • USP | Vision & mission development
  • Authentic positioning
  • Identification of clear purpose goals
  • Identification of how business can be a power for good

Cutting through data overload

We take a well researched bespoke approach aligned to your business goals & target consumers, to deliver winning marketing strategy & practical planning, saving you time to implement more focused hard hitting actions.

  • Macro trend analysis & direction: Technological advances | Consumer behaviour | Product advances | Purchasing preferences
  • Target market focus: Personalisation & segmentation
  • Competitor monitor: USP maintenance & development
  • Accurate ROI measure: Setting the right KPI’s & challenging service providers when they present the KPI’s that are easy to measure but not the ones that are useful to your business growth.

Get in touch…

Contact us with some detail about your brand positioning & marketing  needs.We are happy to offer a 30 minute free of charge video call to discuss new projects, but first we need some information from you,  so that we can be sure we can help.  We love to help entrepreneurs & SME’s & give tips for success! Please include on your e mail:  Your company name | Product type | Years trading | Selling price range | Details of the project you have in mind | Your e mail address | Your website URL & Your anticipated time scale for the project. If you do not yet have a website please send us pictures of your product.