Focused market research

The COUTTS Consultancy background in thought leadership and trend mapping delivers fast, cost effective strategic direction.

It goes without saying that retailers and manufacturers need to make the right product and marketing choices for business growth, especially in tough economic times. Keeping up with the key influences, trends, innovation and developments can be challenging and time consuming.

COUTTS Consultancy saves management and product development time, providing bespoke and focused ‘specific market’ research, analysis and consultancy services. We help our customers avoid the need to wade through an information overload of general trend and analysis services, much of which may not be applicable to their businesses.

Key services

  • Macro trend research & analysis forecasting

  • Target market research & analysis
  • Market positioning
  • Competitor analysis
  • Commercial trend analysis & forecasting
  • Catwalk trend analysis
  • Colour & textile trend analysis
  • Trade show monitor & analysis

Customer engagement

Consumers and technology have driven change – we want to identify with the brands we buy from on multiple levels. Integrity, transparency, 24/7 service and information and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are fundamental along with the basics: product design, quality, availability and price, which must be perfect too.

Engaging new and existing customers can be tough, especially when they have less to spend; learning accurately about their needs, desires and expectations is crucial to ensuring success and brand loyalty.

COUTTS Consultancy helps customers in B2B and B2C sectors develop successful product range and customer engagement strategies, based on focused, individual and thorough market research and analysis.

Strategic direction

Research and analysis of market shifts, media, specific competitor activity, catwalks, trade shows and evolving consumer preferences provides our customers with early intelligence of specific emerging opportunities in individual business markets.

At COUTTS Consultancy we work in partnership with our customers to establish competitive edge, innovation and development strategy.