Brand positioning

COUTTS Consultancy brings a fresh perspective to brand positioning, ensuring a thorough understanding of the business before we start – we will listen and learn about your brand and business objectives, review your target markets and their competitive environment in detail and consider the potential brand USP.

Our hands-on experience in marketing and in the clothing and textiles sector means we will approach the positioning of your brand with practical, effective and simple solutions, providing fast, comprehensive analysis of reputation, customer perception, product range, pricing, added value and service offer to deliver sustainable competitive edge and success.

Key services

  • Brand identity & repositioning
  • Product launch strategy & management
  • B2B & B2C multi channel marketing
  • Marketing strategy for manufacturers & retailers
  • Sales pitch presentation services & training
  • Trade show advice & presentation services
  • Creative direction of photography & media
  • Press, PR & reputation management
Multi-channel marketing

Multi-channel marketing

With hands-on experience in design and marketing for multiple retail outlets, online sales, e-mail and direct mail COUTTS Consultancy can bring a down-to-earth, no nonsense approach to the increasing complexity of multi-channel options.

We will guide you on what does not work and advise on what will, focusing on your brand and its objectives. Our knowledge of the market means we work with continually updated information, allowing us to propose new, accurate and innovative ideas for your brand’s channel strategy.

We will build a strong internal and external multi-channel communications strategy, with consistent emphasis of the brand values and integrity, to deliver healthy customer and staff engagement and position your business for growth.

COUTTS Consultancy will bring a refreshingly sharp customer and market driven focus to your multi-channel marketing strategy.

Customer relationship management

With a background in working with global brands we offer insight and guidance to in-house teams on effective CRM strategy, implementation, service delivery, procedures and policies.

COUTTS Consultancy can undertake customer journey and experience analysis to identify difficulties or challenges, suggesting pragmatic delivery improvement and marketing strategy for progressive customer engagement and loyalty. We also provide campaign planning, PR and press services.